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If you’re considering investing in a new website, you’ve probably begun envisioning what your new site will look like and how it’ll function. The finished product should look good and represent your business well; and since you’re investing time and money into this project, you don’t want to cut any corners. There was never a […]

interpreting website metrics

I know from first-hand experience that beginning the quest to understand website metrics can be overwhelming. At first glance, it can seem like you’re just staring at a bunch of numbers and charts with no real meaning. How could you possibly know where to begin? Engenius has published quite a few resources over the years […]

We have the pleasure of working with some amazing companies at Engenius, and we’re extremely proud of the work we’re able to do for them. Creating websites that properly reflect their mission and values, and which are focused on achieving specific goals, is a privilege. As such, we want to highlight the new websites we’ve […]

Working with small-to-medium sized businesses and NPO’s, we often deal with limited marketing budgets. These companies and organizations simply don’t have the money to invest in robust promotional strategies, which forces them to pick and choose a few tactics that are as cost-effective as possible. This is unfortunate, because comprehensive online marketing strategies can drive […]

There are some tried-and-true signs that you may need a website redesign: perhaps your site isn’t mobile optimized or it doesn’t reflect the latest design trends. Spend some time on your website every month to make sure things are running smoothly and efficiently. However, there are also more nuanced signs to watch out for. If […]

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