Engenius at the Core:

Our Values and Principles of Good Business

Core Values

It’s not what you do but how you do it

Be Fun

Working in a lighthearted, playful way while still maintaining professionalism is absolutely possible. Work should be enjoyable.

Be Thoughtful

We have care for others: our teammates, our clients, and anyone we meet. We exhibit this care by showing consideration for the needs of other people.

Be Proactive

We seek out problems before they become problems; then we do something to make it less of a problem before it happens.

Be Vulnerable

Strong relationships can survive conflict and wounding—and they are strong due to opening ourselves to other people.

Be Dependable

Everyone needs people they can trust and rely upon. We are those people. We follow through in our commitments and work.

Principles of Good Business

Five key elements to practicing good business in any industry

Great Services

The services we provide must be better than good, every time. Our clients deserve it, and we should demand it.


Profitability is vital to success. We will not shy away from seeking profits and will be open with our clients about our desire to earn profits.


We will maintain the highest ethics in all that we do.


Constantly seeking new ways to improve, incorporate new knowledge, and studying our successful endeavors are vital to success.

Great Place to Work

Businesses that support their team, empower their people and appreciate each person will be more successful. There is no limit to how far a passionate team can propel a company forward.