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Jim is a hard worker. He didn’t think his hard-earned graduate degree would plop him into a cubicle next to ‘Stuck-Up’ Susan and ‘Try-Hard’ Timothy in the office of a small business he had never known existed.

Jim has big dreams of success and a raise. So, he shows up to work everyday with a hot cup of coffee and a heart full of motivation. He’s energized and ready to go, cranking out quality work all morning long. He generally has lunch around noon with a potential client, making many sales over deli sandwiches.

But Jim has a problem. Everyday at approximately 2:18 PM, Jim goes from fired up and taking on the world to drooling on his laptop, while ‘Try-Hard’ Timothy cranks out report after report in the cubicle next door.

What is Jim missing?

Iced coffee!

iced coffee 2

Maybe you’ve tried to make a batch of iced coffee at the office before. Let me guess: stale taste, watered down, cream doesn’t mix well, spew it out of your mouth and ruin your keyboard?

Here at Engenius, we believe in excellent work all day long. Rather than dozing off at 2:00 PM, you could be producing the best work of your life through afternoon. Here’s how!

Brewing great iced coffee in a basic coffee maker in 5 easy steps

iced coffee 1

1. Clean that machine

If someone made a morning batch of coffee, you’ve gotta get that bad boy sparkling clean before you even think about making a fresh batch. Run a full pot of water through the coffee maker without any coffee for a thorough clean. If you choose to use soap, run two more pots of just water before brewing. No one wants soapy coffee.

2. Pick the right product

Not all coffees work well iced. Find yourself a light, floral roast–maybe something a little fruity or nutty from Central Africa or Latin America.

3. Brew Double Strength

Whatever your normal grounds-to-water measurements are (we suggest two tablespoons per 8 fluid ounces water), use twice as many grounds. We’re about to throw that delectable caffeine juice over some ice. Brewing double strength will keep the coffee from losing essential flavor notes and overall strength once it is diluted.

4. Pour Over Ice

You want to use the exact same amount of ice as you did coffee. So, if you brewed 20 fluid ounces of coffee, you will want 20 ounces of ice. You can probably just guesstimate. Make sure you toss that roasty goodness onto the ice ASAP so that you don’t lose any crucial aromatics. On this note, make sure your ice is quality. We use ice trays and fill them with good ol’ filtered water.

5. Refrigerate

Even though the ice has cooled down the coffee, keep the coffee refrigerated so that it stays fresh for the rest of the day.

Enjoy, have a productive afternoon, and bring home that raise!

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