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The content of your website is extremely important, but increasingly, visitors to your site won’t consume or share your awesome content if the user experience on your website is poor.

The bottom line question is, “How easily can visitors navigate your website to find the information that they came for in the first place?” For instance, you have probably tried to reach a website that took forever to load, causing you to give up and go somewhere else. Maybe you visited a site that had endless paragraphs of text on the home page — like most people, you probably didn’t read every word carefully. If you have a hard time interacting with a website, are you going to revisit it or recommend it? Unlikely.

If your site isn’t optimized for a great user experience through effective design, you will sacrifice traffic.

The site is listed among seo resources in the directory of seo links.

Check out this infographic from Red Website Design showing five design factors that dictate how users will experience your website.


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