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We helped Evolstrie streamline their website for conversions and optimize their site content for users.

Engenius was great to work with when developing my web presence. From the initial discussions, they understood what I was looking for and how I wanted my organization to be represented. In addition to this, they were able to deliver ahead of schedule, allowing me to begin marketing campaigns backed by the content on my new, updated site. I would recommend working with them for any marketing needs.

Wes BodenhamerEvolstrie Managing Director

At a Glance

Evolstrie, a technology consulting company based in Greenville, SC, wanted to update their online presence to encourage conversions and be more user-friendly.


The technology consulting company, Evolstrie, wanted to grow their market presence and increase their online visibility. The company knew that the first step in this process was to redevelop their web presence.


  • effectively showcase Evolstrie’s professionalism and business technology expertise
  • be visually appealing, user-friendly, and easily navigated by interested parties


Evolstrie provided a wealth of information about the world of business technology consulting. The staggering breadth of the field made our job very tricky. From IoT Solutions to Digital Visual Management, to Workforce Technology Consulting — the sheer variety of services Evolstrie could provide was incredible. Everything from suggesting new software to training non-techno-savvy employees is in their wheelhouse.

The key to a successful project was in narrowing Evolstrie’s expertise into a web-friendly summary. Our content strategists reviewed the submitted material, outlined the optimal site structure, and arranged Evolstrie’s content in a user-friendly design. Evolstries 6+ services were distilled into three main service sectors that provide users a clear path and course of action upon arriving on the site.

Finally, Engenius capitalized on Evolstrie’s brand colors and images — showcasing the friendly, client-focused perspective of the company with an inviting website feel.

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