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We helped Hired Killers by improving the user experience of their website and increasing traffic.

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Hired Killers’ more than 60 years in service have made them a staple in the Upstate. Thanks to word-of-mouth and traditional marketing methods, Hired Killers has managed to capture a steady amount of business throughout the years. The company’s reputation for excellent service is clear.

However, when they first approached us, they knew that their website was causing them to miss out on potential new customers. Overall, the site didn’t offer users a clear path to the information they were seeking, nor did it pay homage to the company’s rich history.


Because today’s buyers are so independent, it’s crucial to capture them where they are: on the web. Hired Killers wanted to do just that. To better engage Hired Killers’ audience, we were tasked with building a mobile-optimized website that would allow users to schedule appointments and pay their bills online. In addition, Hired Killers wanted their new website to better showcase their long-standing reputation and credibility.


Focused on improving the user experience on the site and creating a clear path for users to find the information they’re seeking, we included buttons in the utility navigation at the top of the page and a strategic call-to-action in the site’s hero image. Specifically, these links lead users to pages where they can pay their bill, schedule an appointment, and “contract a killer” (another way to contact the company for service).

These highly prominent calls-to-action are doing their job: since the site launched, more than 40% of users navigate from the homepage directly to these specific corresponding pages.

We highlighted Hired Killers’ outstanding reputation and credibility by including a section on the homepage that features their Better Business Bureau rating, lists featured reviews, and explains their dedication to local service. We also aimed to draw attention to the Hired Killers brand as a whole—their previous website lacked the company logo and the vivid red color that their customers know so well.


  • Keyword Research: Pest control is a rather broad area of service, so we performed keyword research to hone in on how locals were searching for Hired Killers’ services.
  • On-Page Optimization: We optimized Hired Killer’s pages to rank for their highest opportunity local keywords, with the goal of ranking in the top 3 locally (in the local map pack) and organically (the results beneath the map pack) for each of their services, and in each of their locations. We focused on covering in-depth content for each of these services, with the goal to actually help searchers find answers to their questions prior to touching base with Hired Killers.
  • Local Citation Cleanup and Building: With multiple locations in the upstate, there were a number of errors on different listing sites. We cleaned up the discrepancies across the web and ensured each location was listed with accurate information on relevant sites and local directories.


A few months after our campaign launch, Hired Killers’ rankings had improved. Nearly all of their services’ rankings improved in both Greenville and Anderson, many ranking first in the local map pack and first in the organic results.

Pest control is a seasonal industry, so search engine demand and traffic vary in the summer compared to the winter. Nonetheless, we see Hired Killers capture just a little more organic traffic each season compared to the last, year after year.

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