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Bike & Build

Bike & Build is much more than just a yearly bike trip — it’s an organization that addresses affordable housing from many angles and throughout all aspects of their programming. Education, advocacy, service, and grants all make up the Bike & Build mission.
It was an exciting challenge to effectively communicate the complexities of the affordable housing cause while demonstrating this organization’s impact in a compelling way.

Bike & Build Homepage Before the Redesign


  • Explain Bike & Build’s multifaceted approach to supporting the affordable housing cause.
  • Appeal to a large number of distinct audiences, including riders, friends and families of riders, community partners, sponsors, and alumni.

Calls to Action

  • Sign up to become a rider
  • Donate to a rider or the Bike & Build organization
  • Apply for grant funding

What Sets Them Apart

  • The only nonprofit, cross country bike trip that is geared specifically towards affordable housing.
  • Have a tailored mission which addresses the complexities of affordable housing.
  • Empowers and impacts the lives of young adults.

Design & Strategy Highlights

  • Vibrant color gradients, animation, and beautiful imagery taken from Bike & Build’s numerous cross country trips. This creates an exciting and dynamic feel while giving the user a solid understanding of what these rides entail.
  • Tooltip navigation — a feature which breaks the pages into distinct sections which the user can navigate using a sidebar — which helps guide the user through the steps required to go on a ride, while also giving a clear idea of what a regular day looks like on a trip.
  • Impact numbers are highlighted throughout the site to encourage all users to become involved, whether that means donating, participating in a ride, or becoming a sponsor.

Bike & Build Homepage After the Redesign

100 East Condominiums

100 East recently converted from upscale apartments to accessible condos in the heart of downtown Greenville. They needed a new website to reflect this transition while also demonstrating the quality, unique amenities, and overall value of the location.

100 East Homepage Before the Redesign


  • Modernize and brighten the design of the site to reflect the upscale look and feel of 100 East.
  • Update the content so that it’s clear that these former apartments are now condominiums.

Calls to Action

  • Contact CB Caine, the condo’s agency of record, for more information

What Sets Them Apart

  • Condos located in the center of downtown Greenville
  • Unique amenities including one of the few rooftop pools in town
  • Economical price for the quality and location

Design & Strategy Highlights

  • Eye-catching footage showcasing the condos and their location.
  • Bold imagery highlighting the amenities of these condos.
  • Bright colors and overlays which create a more inviting and modern feel.

100 East Homepage After the Redesign

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