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Party Like It’s 2012

Yesterday we had a party.  Okay, so the “we” was over a thousand people and the “party” was the annual Beach Ball, a huge event beyond description held to benefit dozens of local charities.  In short, it was awesome.

larkins burger

Not only are we proud to support the Beach Ball Foundation (the group responsible for this big party) and big fans of their website, but we’d like to salute the crew behind this movement.  Heidi Aiken leads the crew and has a definite passion for supporting the nonprofit community in Greenville.

What is most impressive to us isn’t the giant event coordinated exclusively by volunteers, but the impact it makes.  This grassroots group has raised over $2 million since it began (not including this year!) helping to fund over 40 charities supporting children and their families.

An event where you can eat and drink to your heart’s content all for one ticket is sweet enough.  Knowing the lives you’re improving in the process makes it sweeter than the dozen cupcakes I consumed.  Let me tell you, that’s pretty cool.

P.S. Big shout out to EmilieCarol Photography for the awesome pics – especially this one of the delectable bleu cheese burgers from Larkin’s new burger restaurant coming this fall.