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The end of the summer often brings with it a slump of new work, however, we’ve been busy! We recently launched several new websites, here’s a peek into two of the sites.

Hot Springs Pools & Spas


  1. Provide homeowners considering adding a pool or spa with information and examples of the variety and quality of options Hot Springs offers.
  2. Provide validation to general contractors of Hot Spring’s vast experience and reliability in commercial pool construction.

Calls to Action:

  1. Contact Hot Springs for a quote/estimate
  2. Submit a service request

What Sets Hot Springs Apart: Hot Springs has been building and servicing pools in the upstate for over 30 years, and they are one of the only spa dealers to not just sell you a spa, but to install, fill, and service it for the life of the spa.

BEFORE: Hot Springs Pools & Spas website before the redesign.

Design & Strategy Highlights:

  • Sophistication – Hot Springs wanted their new site to reflect the high quality of the pools they build, so we chose to utilize watery elements (greens and blues, wave-shaped separators) without spilling over (pun intended) into inflatable toys, palm trees, and pool parties. Above all, we wanted to showcase their work, so we incorporated as many photos of their pools as possible.
  • Location – Contractors from across the Southeast can call on Hot Springs, so we emphasized that their service area extends beyond the Upstate on the Commercial pools page. We also included a table of ALL their commercial pool projects to show their experience and flexibility.
  • Information – Hot Springs is one of the go-to companies for spas in the upstate, so they wanted to highlight the huge number of options they provide in a way that would allow users to dig into the features available. Simply reading about features is not enough, however, and thanks to Hot Springs’ relationship with spa manufacturers, we had access to a huge library of images so that we could SHOW the features of over 40 different spas. We also wanted to appeal to the idea of spas helping create a backyard oasis, so we used “lifestyle” photos to show people enjoying the spas in a variety of contexts from backyards to decks and patios.

NEW: Hot Springs Pools & Spas redesigned website.

Freedom Interiors Group


  1. To validate the company by showing who they are, what they specialize in, and their experience in the industry.
  2. To help promote their name in the Upstate.

Calls to Action:

  1. Email to get the conversation started about a project. Call as the second option.

What Sets Hot Springs Apart: While Freedom does have a few specific exterior specialties, their name truly signifies what they do best – Interiors. General contractors can call on them for the highest quality interior work, with an emphasis on safety and staying on budget.

BEFORE: Freedom Interiors Group website before the redesign.

Design & Strategy Highlights:

  • Custom video and photography – Freedom wanted to make a strong first impression, so they took our advice and hired MTN to produce a video reel for the homepage. The video quickly, and beautifully illustrates the full process a client could expect with Freedom. We also called on the talented Levi Monday to capture photography at several work sites in order to highlight Freedom’s craftsmanship.
  • Project portfolio – All companies in construction showcase their work, but Freedom wanted to be sure that their portfolio was sortable according to the TYPE of work that was done. If users want to see examples of specific specialties, they can easily find them on the Portfolio page.

NEW: Freedom Interiors Group website after the redesign.

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