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We’re passionate about great web design at Engenius. But what good is great web design if no one ever sees it? We believe in not only creating beautiful and effective websites for clients, but also in driving traffic to those sites, and ultimately growing their businesses.
SEO plays a very key role in driving traffic to websites.
We have a handful of clients who do great work in the residential construction industry (check out these homes from Sexton Griffith and Vista Homes). This is an industry saturated with awesome companies who build homes in the Upstate.
The goal of SEO is to rank higher on search engines for the things your potential customers are searching for. Because there are so many great companies in the world of residential construction, one might ask, “How could my residential construction company possibly rank on the first page?”
We have explored and tested this question for the past two years, and have a few clients who prove it is possible to rank highly for common keywords, despite a saturated market.
First, a few notes:

What’s a keyword?

A keyword is an idea, topic, or phrase that defines the content on your website. As a website owner, you want the keywords used on your website to be relevant to what people are searching for on search engines.
In the below infographic, you’ll see us track the average ranking for our clients’ top 2 keywords (2 keywords we have put the most focus on). We show the performance of their top keyword both locally (searches made in the upstate that Google has determined as locally intended) and statewide (how they rank for this keyword statewide).

What’s a click?

A click is more self-explanatory. A click is earned when a user clicks on your web page’s search result.
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