Reach Your Audience Where They Spend Time

The average Facebook user spends nearly an hour each day actively engaged.

Social media platforms have become the place we go without thinking to make connections, have a laugh, network, and learn. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn have perfected the personalization of content, making them trusted daily sources of information for millions of users worldwide.

You can leverage the power of social media by running ads for your business to capture your audience’s attention.

The key to success with social media ads is to make sure you’re on networks that are relevant to your business goals.

Start the Marketing Conversation

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Market to Your Specific Audience

Advertising on social media platforms has a number of benefits that can’t be found anywhere else. Social media ads are great for:

Targeting a Niche Audience. Different social networks allow you to select your audience based on specific user characteristics and “likes.”

Building Brand Trust and Recognition. If it’s important for you to raise awareness about your business, you can show ads to audiences that are similar to your existing customer base.

Testing Different Objectives. Not sure what the best measure of success is for your campaign? You can choose from various objectives like driving more traffic to your website or getting more page likes for brand awareness.

Achieving Specific Results. Social media ads can be shown to audiences that are more likely to complete the desired action. This can help you reach your goals more efficiently, such as gathering a certain number of email address, selling a certain product, and more.



An ideal platform for creating new traffic, especially millennials and Generation X, with advanced audience targeting capabilities.


Visual-rich ads using custom images, videos, or carousels. Track website visits, leads, and sales that result from ad clicks.


An excellent platform for B2B; shared content heightens brand awareness and demonstrates expertise.

Our Process for Creating an Effective Social Media Ad Campaign

Research & Strategy

Your content strategist researches your industry, your competition, and your ideal customer’s desires. After completing their research, your strategist defines critical campaign objectives and identifies your target audience

Creation & Launch

Ads are designed and written in accordance with industry best practices. We create multiple variants of ads in order to A/B test during the initial 3 months after launch. Your campaign is launched!

Monitor & Adjust

Based on the data we collect, we make incremental changes to your ads in order to improve performance. As we gain more insight into the performance of your ads, we learn ways to improve the campaign strategy. We continually rework our approach until we reach your goals.