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We helped 365 Digital Technologies highlight their consulting services and technology expertise by creating a website that effectively reflects their brand and provides users with necessary information.

As a small business owner, I was sensitive to costs with the hope that any money spent is money well spent. This team took the ideas in my head and the words I couldn’t express and transformed it into a wonderful and incredible website! We’re excited to have our clients look at our content and even more excited to have prospective clients review our capabilities.

Guillermo AvilaOwner


The 365 Digital Technologies team uses their expertise and passion to serve to fuel their business. With an always optimistic approach and years of experience in the industry, they provide exceptional technology consulting and project rescue services. While they are consistently putting their clients and their business first, they are also impacting the local community and other small businesses.


  • Effectively communicate the technology based services and capabilities of 365 Digital Technologies team by highlighting their expertise and previous client relationships.
  • Continue to establish 365 Digital Technologies as experts in their field to match the standard they already hold within the industry.
  • Empower the 365 Digital Technologies primary user to navigate with ease while guiding users to necessary information and encouraging contact.
  • Highlight the impact 365 Digital Technologies continues to make on their local community and through their users. 
  • Effectively showcasing their involvement with ongoing education and leadership within the technology industry through educational blog posts and articles.


  • As the 365 Digital Technologies team continues to define and hone in on their consultative services, this new site needed a way for the user to see those services in an easy to digest way.
  • To ensure users were able to find and learn about the consultative services, the Engenius Team created a simple navigation that would take users directly to the necessary information.
  • Because the 365 digital Technologies team had so many incredible client testimonials, the Engenius Team was able to organize these based on what specifics to their business was reflected and weave into the content throughout the site.
  • The 365 Digital Technologies team wanted to highlight their work within the local community. To achieve this, the Engenius Team was able to showcase the organizations they are actively involved in and relate it back to their mission for the business as a whole.
  • Because conversations are such an integral part of the 365 Digital Technologies process within their consultative approach, the user needs to be able to easily contact their team. In order to encourage this, the Engenius team created a direct route ensuring the user could easily navigate to contact the 365 Digital Technologies team. 
  • The Engenius team was able to use the colors and branding from the 365 Digital Technologies brand guidelines to create a modern, technology centric website while keeping it unique to the 365 Digital Technologies team.
  • After launching their new website, Engenius hosted a training session for the 365 Digital Technologies team. By providing a recording of the training along with a PDF manual with further instructions, the 365 Digital Technologies team is empowered to make updates and edits to their new WordPress website on their own, knowing that the Engenius Support team is always available to help.
  • By being on the Engenius Support Plan, the 365 Digital Technologies website will have regular maintenance done on the back end of the site. As the site continues to age, website optimization efforts will keep it running smoothly for future users.
  • The new 365 Digital Technologies site accurately showcases their reputation and expertise while making it easy for users to find necessary information and contact the 365 Digital Technologies team.
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