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Although our world has become increasingly digital over the last decade, word of mouth remains an integral component of marketing. What has evolved, however, is our ability to integrate online and offline tactics to maximize marketing efforts. The experience that you deliver to your customers will shape the way they speak about you. Focus on […]

Is the traditional way of prospecting wasting your time and resulting in countless dead ends? Here’s why: it’s impersonal and intrusive. Cold calling, scripted pitches, and a lack of transparency about pricing and scope are three common methods you might use to jumpstart the buyer’s journey. Unfortunately, these seemingly tried-and-true methods are no longer enough. […]

How good is your website at generating leads? Here’s the fastest way to calculate your website’s traffic-to-lead generation rate using your monthly Raven Report. What You’ll Need: Last month’s Raven Report (or access to your Google Analytics account) Last month’s leads A Calculator To dive even deeper into the metrics that truly demonstrate the value […]

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Don’t take a fly-by-night approach to the content your business publishes You have so many digital marketing platforms at your disposal: your website, blog, social media, and email. When your content elicits an underwhelming response, it’s natural to wonder if you’re using these platforms to their full potential. Creating fantastic content begins with honing in […]

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