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b2b buying process infographic

We all intuitively understand the importance of mobile devices to the modern consumer—except when it comes to the B2B buying process. It may be tougher to peel back the layers, but research shows that the B2B prospect will rely on their mobile device throughout every step of the buying process. When a solid, mobile-optimized website […]

The term “sales representative” often carries a negative connotation. The term is reminiscent of traditional (read: outdated) sales tactics: an operator moving swiftly down a call list or a vacuum salesman walking door-to-door. People often assume sales representatives are sneaky, pushy, and dishonest. For so long, being sold to has been equated with being lied […]

In today’s buying process, your prospects have more power than ever before. It’s not just the plethora of options available to them, or even the ease with which they can find different businesses in the area — it’s the ability to research their frustrations, educate themselves on potential solutions, and weigh their options in a […]

Even though LinkedIn has less monthly visitors than social media giants like Facebook, it is emerging as one of the most powerful online tools for professional networking and lead generation. How? LinkedIn is built for a special segment of the social world: professional development and connections. This specialization on the part of LinkedIn has led […]

The average person consults an average of 10.4 sources before finally making a purchase. With this statistic in mind, it is crucial for salespeople to nurture and educate their leads as they search for answers. As you help guide your prospects through the buying cycle, be prepared to answer the following questions — whether that […]