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Google Analytics is an incredibly powerful tool that offers easily accessible insights from the moment you open the interface, but a lot of information can be missed if you don’t pay attention. From determining which marketing channels are garnering you the most new leads to analyzing the path a user takes from initial interaction to […]

It’s one thing for a web developer to build a beautiful website or launch an online ad campaign; it’s another thing entirely to promote your business online with a mind towards getting a solid return on your investment. A surprisingly large number of business owners commit to web design and digital marketing services without thinking […]

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Facebook has shaped our social lives on a fundamental level over the past decade. It’s difficult to accept that advertising, often thought of as a wet towel, plays a key role in the operations of the platform. Founder Mark Zuckerberg says that he initially built Facebook to “build something cool” and “make people more connected.” […]

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We all intuitively understand the importance of mobile devices to the modern consumer—except when it comes to the B2B buying process. It may be tougher to peel back the layers, but research shows that the B2B prospect will rely on their mobile device throughout every step of the buying process. When a solid, mobile-optimized website […]

The term “sales representative” often carries a negative connotation. The term is reminiscent of traditional (read: outdated) sales tactics: an operator moving swiftly down a call list or a vacuum salesman walking door-to-door. People often assume sales representatives are sneaky, pushy, and dishonest. For so long, being sold to has been equated with being lied […]