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For Natalie, it has always been about camaraderie and being a part of something more. Project management has been present in her life in some way or another, and we are thankful that Engenius is a part of Natalie’s journey!

Early Life

Natalie grew up in Bluffton with a lot of family close by, so they were able to create many memories together. From a young age, Natalie was spending time outdoors riding ATVs, swimming in the lakes and beaches of the Lowcountry, going on walks exploring the different state parks, and attending plenty of family gatherings. “I still love going on hikes and exploring the outdoors,” shares Natalie, reflecting on the things that have been a part of her life since childhood.

Project management doesn’t come easily to everyone. “It feels like project management is a natural skill set I’ve been able to develop over the years, even from my childhood,” says Natalie as she shares where this interest really sparked. Whether it was the normal things that come with being a part of a big family (she’s one of eleven!) or her previous experiences, Natalie has been perfecting her project management skills long before Engenius.

Photo of Natalie on a wooden walkway over a marsh smiling and running toward the camera.Starting in Digital Marketing and Project Management

Her interest in digital marketing began when Natalie worked at a start-up, taking part in almost every aspect of the website build process. She was able to learn the basics of WordPress while also contributing to the design process after websites were already built. “I was able to learn so much about email marketing, developing sales strategies, and social media,” says Natalie, describing the influence this job had on her project management skills.

When it came time for her to move on from that start-up company, Natalie started to grow her own freelance business while she was back in the Lowcountry. She was able to reconnect with previous clients and continue her impact by expanding on what these clients already had. “I was able to help streamline their processes and meet their digital marketing needs,” adds Natalie, and it’s clear that she enjoys working hard to benefit her clients.

While Natalie will always have a place in her heart for the Lowcountry, she knew that being back in the upstate was what she wanted. The flexibility of freelancing gave Natalie the freedom to work from wherever, so as soon as her partner found an opportunity to work in the upstate, they both were ready to make the move. In 2022, Natalie was finally able to call the upstate home again! “Once we got settled, I decided I was ready to take on more than freelancing and find something new to be a part of!” She couldn’t have been more accurate.

Natalie wearing a rain coat on a cloudy day while holding a fishing pole on a dock. Finding Engenius

You could say that Natalie has had her eye on Engenius for a while. She was aware of the impact Engenius has had on small businesses in the Upstate, and Natalie loved how much that aligned with her passions. “When I saw the opening for the part-time digital marketing project manager position, I knew Engenius was an organization I wanted to be a part of,” she says. And we are so glad she applied! “I felt so comfortable and connected with everyone even during the interview process.” 

Now that Natalie is a part of the Engenius team, she continues to streamline processes for clients, assist in growing their digital presence, and thrive with a team that will always have her back. “I love having the capacity to keep learning more. I feel like I fit in with everyone and I don’t even have to try.” We agree, Natalie! You are the perfect fit!

A graphic which includes small clip art images to describe the following statements. Natalie is one of 11 and has a twin sister! Natalie and her partner enjoy both salt and freshwater fishing together. She loves Asian food from sushi to pad thai to curry you can dream of! You can catch Natalie watching all the Marvel movies or catching up on the latest Sci-Fi movies and TV shows.

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