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We helped the City of Westminster showcase their reputation as a hometown for everyone through an updated website that emphasized the personality of the city while maintaining easy navigation and accessible information.

Engenius created a user-friendly and dynamic website that has enhanced our communication with residents, customers and visitors. The Engenius team was exceedingly professional, creative and easy to work with, we would hire them again and again.

Kevin BronsonCity Administrator


The City of Westminster, South Carolina is located in the foothills of Oconee County. It’s known for its apple and Bigfoot festivals and its welcoming, small town feel that causes the city to proclaim that it’s a hometown for everyone. The City of Westminster uses the website to keep its residents informed and aware of all city happenings.


  • Create a website with an updated design that aligns with the reputation of the City of Westminster and the community.
  • Speak directly to the residents and those making up the City of Westminster community by making all information and resources easy to locate.
  • Give users a direct path to necessary actions like reserving buildings, paying utility bills, and finding information about various events and activities.
  • Empower the City of Westminster team to keep the website up to date by using an intentional strategy without compromising design.
  • Organize content and design the website in a way that users are able to easily access it from different devices and screen sizes.


  • The City of Westminster needed an updated website to better showcase the reputation of their community and provide a way for residents and business owners to find necessary information. 
  • In order to make the above possible, the Engenius team worked to create an updated navigation with an intentional content strategy and design to guide users to what they need.
  • The Engenius Team was able to create graphics to capture the reputation of the city while also aligning with the city’s new and refreshed branding. 
  • Along with custom graphics, the Engenius Team created a custom visual element featured on the homepage to provide unique movement within the city’s brand theme. 
  • Functionally, the City of Westminster team wanted to ensure their residents and business owners could easily access archived reports along with weekly updates. To meet this need, the Engenius Team created an archive for previous reports along with a way to easily add new ones as necessary. 
  • The City of Westminster team was able to gather input and information from their different departments, which helped ensure the new website would serve each department in the best way.
  • The Engenius Team was able to work with the City of Westminster Team to improve some of their processes with recreation and facility bookings by incorporating necessary information and documentation into the new website.
  • Following the launch of the website, Engenius hosted a training session for the City of Westminster team and provided a recording of the training along with a PDF manual with further instructions. This gives the City of Westminster team confidence to make updates and edits to their new WordPress website on their own, while also knowing that the Engenius Support team is always available to help.
  • As part of the City of Westminster’s monthly support plan, Engenius provides regular maintenance on the back end of the site. As the site continues to age, website optimization efforts will keep it running smoothly for future users.
  • The City of Westminster team now has an updated website that accurately reflects their reputation, their community, and how deeply they all care for their residents!
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