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We helped Goose Creek highlight their economic development opportunities.

Engenius did a great job distilling our brand and our message into a new website. I had put off hiring a web development firm because I feared the process would be more work on my end than I had time for. That was not the case with Engenius: they had a clearly defined schedule, did all the heavy lifting, and delivered exactly what I was looking for. Our web presence reflects what we’re building and trying to accomplish at the city, and that’s all thanks to the creative and technical experts at Engenius.

Matt BradyGoose Creek Economic Development Director


Over the past six decades, the City of Goose Creek has transformed from a rural outpost just north of Charleston to the eighth-largest city in the state of SC! Located in a hotbed of growth between the manufacturing giants Volvo and Boeing, and Charleston — Goose Creek has capitalized on its growing population without losing its small-town character. The town is rich in opportunity, and the economic development team wanted a website that could communicate that to their target audiences.


  • Display relevant Economic Development information for interested businesses in a user-friendly manner
  • Be aesthetically pleasing to promote business interest and growth
  • Be easy to maintain and expand as the City of Goose Creek continues to grow


To understand Goose Creek’s target audiences our content strategists asked questions about the city’s economic history, target growth areas, and current demographics. With this information, they set out to build the site to funnel entrepreneurs, restaurateurs, and other business owners to the information and resources they needed to launch their business in the Creek as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

The site also needed to showcase Goose Creek’s transformation from a small town to a thriving city with plenty of spending capital to drive small businesses forward. Our content strategist placed key demographic information (median household income, population size, etc.) on the home page and throughout the site to underscore Goose Creek’s size and growth potential while our designer emphasized statistics with bold, colorful icons to draw the reader’s attention and promote an overall modern effect.

Goose Creek’s new site also needed to be aesthetically pleasing while hosting relevant business information like available properties, business loan details, and recent news. To do this, our designer used the blue, yellow, and green of Goose Creek’s logo to drive the color scheme of the site while also using photography and colorful icons to make each page feel fresh, modern, and city-focused.

Goose Creek’s new website had to be ready for growth and change. Built on WordPress, the new Goose Creek site has the potential to grow and expand as the city does. The Engenius team trained the Economic Development team on how to update, edit, and add to their website while also reinforcing that the Engenius support team is always available for support questions and website assistance!

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