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We helped Greenville Humane modernize their brand and simplify their services.

Engenius made navigating a full website revamp easy and fun. They were efficient, flexible and able to guide us appropriately to get to the goals we wanted to achieve with our new website. Any changes we requested were made quickly and correctly. We appreciated their complete management of the process which resulted in minimal extra work for our staff.

Julia BrunelleSenior Communications Manager

At a Glance

  • We updated Greenville Humane Society’s online presence to feel fresh, modern, and aesthetically appealing.
  • We simplified and condensed Greenville Humane’s site and site content to optimize user experience.


Greenville Humane Society is a nonprofit animal rescue that operates one of the largest spay/neuter clinics in South Carolina. The organization receives no government funding and offers adoption, vaccination, and veterinarian services at affordable prices. In 2020 they helped over 4,000 pets find their forever homes and treated countless animals for various health conditions.

A client of ours for many years, Greenville Humane Society’s site had remained healthy and functional but felt outdated from a design perspective. The site had also grown as services were added and sponsorships expanded over the years since the initial build. With digital interactions becoming more important due to 2020’s unique challenges, it was time for a full refresh and restructure.


  • Greenville Humane Society wanted their redesigned site to be modern, aesthetically pleasing, and reflective of their updated brand standards.
  • Greenville Humane Society wanted their site to be simplified and their navigation updated so that new users could go from initial entry on the site to their desired conversion.
  • The group also wanted to showcase and explain their updated services including Vaccine Clinic, Spay/Neuter Clinic, Adoption Services, and Foster program.
  • The nonprofit wanted to encourage users to donate to the mission of the organization.


Our content strategist reviewed the existing Greenville Humane Society site, the history of the site in our database, and the updated information provided by the Greenville Humane team. From there she restructured the navigation to highlight the main areas of interest including donations, services, and adoptions.

After outlining the navigation our content strategist worked on Greenville Humane Societies service offerings. She wrote the content to feel approachable, informative, and clear. New users can easily find the information they are looking for — whether that’s details about the Humane Society’s Spay/Neuter clinic, adoption services, or foster program.

Once our content strategist had written and edited the Greenville Humane website copy, our designer took over. Greenville Humane wanted to focus on the wonderful animals they serve. The new site is pet-forward — focusing on the animals Greenville Human rescues and the improved quality of life they can, and do, bring to the Upstate’s animals. Beautiful photography and adorable videos stand out in the site’s design while more subtle design features (see the beating heart on the homepage) underscore the importance of certain sections: like donating to the cause!

Donations were a critical part of the site refresh. With more and more individuals operating online, the Humane Society wanted to make sure that users would be motivated to give to the cause. The new site has prominent donation buttons and prompts the user to give as they are able. Small design features, like the heart mentioned above, provide a subtle emphasis without being overpowering.

The result of the work is a tastefully designed site that emphasizes how the Greenville Humane Society makes the lives of animals better.

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