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We helped NACCDB showcase their unique brand and their various services.

When we decided to host a Virtual Experience in October of 2020, Engenius was with us every step of the way. In the midst of a tough year for our festival artists, they helped us provide an aesthetic and engaging platform for artists to sell their work and to reach a broader audience. Engenius' organization, tenacity, and willingness to create a custom auction site pushed us all to learn new ways to move forward in an ever-present digital space.


NACCDB proudly provides construction, engineering, and environmental services in the Florence/Darlington area. The company’s name is unique — encapsulating the history of both North American Construction Company and Davis & Brown environmental services, a wholly-owned subsidiary of NACC. 

In 2021 NACCDB reached out about a new look for their website. The trick, however, was to accurately display both the North American Construction Company services and the Davis & Brown Services in a such a way that indicated their separate functions while also show their combined strengths.


  • Engage NACCDB’s target audiences by effectively conveying the services and benefits offered
  • Be organized effectively so that users can easily find the information they are seeking and are encouraged to take the next step in the buyer’s journey (i.e. convert to a lead)
  • Be scalable and easy to update going forward


  • Creating a single website for two distinct brands was a unique challenge. We dug deep to make sure we understood both companies and the services they provide–and could communicate all of it in one, unified voice to potential customers on the website.
  • We worked to determine how users would navigate the website. Would they come to the site seeking a specific company to work with? A service? Something in between? We broke down NACCDB’s combined product offerings and sorted them in three distinct categories: construction, engineering, and environmental and laboratory services. Those categories formed the basis for our content strategy.
  • Integrity is paramount to how NACCDB does business. At their request, we prominently featured each company’s name and expertise on their respective product category’s pages to mitigate potential conflicts of interest, removing opportunities for engineering and construction work to be done under different brands without the customer being aware that they were part of the same company. We also used the tagline, “Two Companies, One Mission” on the homepage to further draw attention to the unique nature of the companies’ relationship. 
  • The result is a seamless website experience for the user that features a modern design and clear calls to action.
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