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We helped Quartermaster Properties grow their lead funnel and rank in the top 5 in Google search.

In Spring 2021 we engaged Engenius to create and administer a Google Ad Words campaign and all things SEO. Their work has been a tremendous contribution to our Upstate growth so much so that we recently increased our spend to include our Charleston location. As soon as the ads displayed in Charleston the phone began to ring. We could not be more pleased with Engenius' and look forward to a continued long and beneficial relationship.

MaryAnn MorelliProperty Manager in Charge (PMIC)


Quartermaster Properties is a veteran-owned, full-service real estate company providing hands-on, premier services in Charleston, Greenville, Spartanburg, and surrounding areas of South Carolina.

After revamping their website in the summer of 2020, Quartermaster entered the summer of 2021 wanting to increase their visibility online and acquire leads at a price point that fit their marketing goals.


  • Acquire qualified leads through Google pay per click (PPC) ads
  • Improve online search visibility in local markets for specific keywords relating to Quartermaster’s Property Management services


  • Quartermaster Properties’ PPC campaign continues to display a click-through rate that’s almost 2x higher than the real estate industry average— and pricing for their specific keywords remains low. In other words, Quartermaster Properties is getting a maximum return for their investment. 
  • After launching their PPC campaign, Quartermaster Properties saw a noticeable increase in qualified leads and their offices have been exceptionally busy–so much so that they’re thinking about expanding!
  • At the beginning of our effort, Quartermaster Properties ranked in the 50-80s for certain property management-related keywords — i.e. they showed up on pages 6-9 of Google. While some may have found that daunting, we saw a golden opportunity for growth. 

We began our SEO efforts in June and, after several months of work, Quartermaster Properties has seen organic traffic to their website increase by 75% and now ranks in the top 5 for many of their desired keywords, including search terms like “property management,” which is directly associated with their business.

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