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We helped Sargent Metal elevate their online presence to match their reputation in the industry by creating a website that had more robust content and a visually stunning design.

Engenius’s web designers and content creators were great to work with on this project. They were focused on understanding our long-term business goals, and our new website effectively and accurately reflects our business.


Sargent Metal is known as one of the best metal fabricators in the Southeast. With a diverse portfolio of quality precision metal product solutions, Sargent Metal maintains a Fortune 50 OME supply-chain pedigree. Their team keeps their clients’ needs at the forefront of what they do and continues to handle market shifts with ease and excellence.


  • Accurately reflect the capabilities and expertise Sargent Metal is known for in the industry via an informative design and engaging strategy.
  • Easy to navigate by Sargent Metal’s primary audience with an emphasis on guiding users to needed information or requesting a quote.
  • Effectively optimized for search engines via a content-first approach while also encompassing all necessary information.
  • Appeal to potential employees by showcasing Sargent Metal as a great place to work and making it easy for job-seekers to submit an application.
  • Seamless design with a modern approach while still being easy for the Sargent Metal team to keep up to date.


  • Sargent Metal has grown significantly over the years and it was important that their new website reflect all of their capabilities, from various metal fabrication methods to secondary operations.
  • In order to make all of the above services visible to the user, the Engenius Team worked to create a navigation that would showcase all of Sargent Metal’s capabilities in an organized and easy-to-find way.
  • The Engenius Team used keyword research and competitor analysis to make sure the new Sargent Metal site was not only optimized for search engines but still informative to the user. By taking a content-first approach, the Engenius team kept the user at the forefront of the strategy.
  • The Sargent Metal team wanted to ensure any potential customers could contact their team easily while having all necessary information available. To do this, the Engenius Team created a direct route for users to make contact or request a quote in the main navigation and throughout the entire website.
  • The new site exhibits a modernized feel, featuring Sargent Metal brand colors throughout the site. By incorporating contrasting colors, the Engenius team made the site easy to read while still remaining true to the Sargent Metal brand standards.
  • Following the launch of the website, Engenius hosted a training session for the Sargent Metal team and provided a recording of the training along with a PDF manual with further instructions. This empowers the Sargent Metal team to make updates and edits to their new WordPress website on their own, while also knowing that the Engenius Support team is always available to help.
  • As part of Sargent Metal’s monthly support plan, Engenius provides regular maintenance on the back end of the site. As the site continues to age, website optimization efforts will keep it running smoothly for future users.
  • The new Sargent Metal site effectively showcases their reputation while being easy to navigate for users and easy to update for the Sargent Metal team.
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