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Reach your audience where they spend time.

Facebook is the largest social network in the world, with over 250 million active users in the United States, while over 107 million people use Instagram. These users spend an average of one hour per day actively engaged.

Organic social media management can tap into this audience—but the only users who see your posts are those that follow your business page.

Run through the same platform, Facebook and Instagram Ads allow you to expand your reach, get your brand in front of more people, and generate leads for a relatively low price.

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Why Facebook & Instagram Ads?

Low Cost Brand Awareness

Compared to other advertising channels, Facebook Ads are relatively inexpensive. We regularly see CPMs (Cost per Thousand Impressions) for clients at $3 – $4, while a billboard may get you 1000 impressions for $7 minimum.

Hyper-Targeted Audiences

Facebook and Instagram allow you to target consumers based on demographics, interests, buying habits, location, and much more. You can run ads to women in their 40s who regularly shop at Target or men in their 60s who are interested in investing. You can also retarget specific lists or visitors to your website.

Valuable Data Collection

Spending money on advertising not only gets you brand awareness, leads, and sales—it gives you valuable information on your best customers. Facebook gives you the demographics, locations, and interests of those who engage with your ads.

Our Process for Creating a Effective Social Ad Campaign


Research & Strategy

First we ensure we know your business goals, marketing objectives, audience, competition, and key differentiators.

Creative & Launch

Our team gets to work writing, designing, and mocking up your ads for review. Once approved, we launch your ads!

Data Collection & Testing

Once the ads are launched, the first few months are primarily spent collecting data and A/B testing different variables.

Monitor & Optimization

We continually monitor your ad performance and run different tests, with the goal of reaching people or generating leads at the lowest cost possible.
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