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We have the pleasure of working with some amazing companies at Engenius, and we’re extremely proud of the work we’re able to do for them. Creating websites that properly reflect our clients’ missions and values and which are focused on achieving specific goals, is a privilege. As such, we want to highlight the new websites we’ve been working on and the companies that help make our communities incredible places to work, play, and live.
So without further ado, here are the two new sites launched in October:

Insurance Management Group

Insurance Management Group of Columbia, SC came to us in late 2015 because their site had been compromised and they could no longer get in touch with the original web designer. The site needed to be cleaned up and hosted in a secure environment, and IMG’s IT company recommended Engenius. After migrating the site to our dedicated servers and cleaning up the malware, we continued to provide support as needed and maintained a good relationship with the folks at IMG. When they were ready for a redesign, it was a natural next step to continue working with us.
It was important for IMG’s new site to contain the following elements:

  • Increase IMG’s professional credibility
  • Improve the site’s ease-of-use for current and potential clients

Calls to Action:

  • Call the office
  • Contact a specific employee
  • Complete a contact form

What Sets IMG Apart:

  • They offer all kinds of insurance under one roof
  • They provide excellent client support through education

Design and Strategy Highlights

Insurance is a complex industry and it’s easy to get lost in the jargon, rules, and regulations. IMG wanted to be sure their new site left potential clients confident in their professionalism and expertise, as well as their relatability and trustworthiness as partners.

  • The updated design of the homepage demonstrates right away that IMG is a company keeping up with trends — not just in their marketing, but also in the ever-changing world of insurance.
  • The well-done video on the homepage highlights their professionalism and outlines many of the competitive advantages that separate IMG from the myriad other insurance companies out there. The authentic photography also allows the user to see smiling and knowledgeable employees in “their natural habitat.”
  • The IMG Difference page, specifically the employee bios, gives you a more personal look at the experience and expertise of the individuals who comprise the IMG team.
  • Nearly every page provides the opportunity to reach out through a simple contact form which helps IMG further establish their call to action for users to reach out to them directly.
  • The Insurance News, Glossary, and Resources pages provide an opportunity for client education and industry transparency – something IMG strives to provide their clients.
  • IMG provides MANY insurance options, but we streamlined these details by focusing on two primary areas – Business and Personal. It is easy for a user to find the type of insurance for which they are seeking more information. Once the user is on a specific “product” page, the information is not overwhelming; they are simply given the basics and encouraged to reach out so that IMG can help them choose the best plan.

Best Pack Solutions

Best Pack Solutions (BPS) set out in the digital marketing world with the best of intentions to create a site on their own. But as most small business owners experience, Best Pack soon found their website becoming less and less of a priority as the other facets of the company took precedence. By the time they came to us, even the simple site they had begun had expired, so BPS had no web presence at all.


  • Concisely and attractively demonstrate the breadth of BPS’s product offerings for new and existing clients[/su_column]

Calls to Action:

  • Call the company directly
  • Complete the “Request a Quote” form

What Sets BPS Apart:

  • They are a one-stop solution for packaging and other warehousing-related needs

Design and Strategy Highlights

  • The BPS team wanted the emphasis to be on their products. More specifically, they wanted to highlight that their clients never need to worry about packaging again. For this reason, each type of product they offer, from corrugated boxes to tape to janitorial supplies, has its own page with representative images and lists of product types.
  • This extensive listing of products educates even current clients about BPS’ ability to be their single-source provider without overwhelming users with too much detail. The site really hones in on the breadth of BPS’ products—including ones that people might not expect from a packaging supplier, but which go hand in hand with the industries they most commonly serve.
  • The simple Contact Us form, which doubles as a Request for Quote form, provides clients the opportunity to describe their needs and even upload Purchase Orders or RFQs. This form allows BPS to compete with some of its larger competitors that have fully automated quote generators while simultaneously maintaining their hallmark personal touch.

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