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We helped Miracle Hill Auto revamp their website for a better car browsing experience AND to fit with their updated brand.

At a Glance

Miracle Hill Auto, a for-profit initiative of Miracle Hill Ministries, was a stand-alone site with poor UX and outdated Miracle Hill Branding standards. We structured the site to encourage two primary conversions, built a custom car filter, updated the site’s branding, and connected Miracle Hill Auto to the larger grouping of Miracle Hill Ministries.


Miracle Hill Auto is a for-profit initiative of Miracle Hill Ministries, an evangelical, Gospel-infused mercy ministry in the Upstate of South Carolina. While Miracle Hill Ministries completed a full site rebuild in the summer of 2020, Miracle Hill Auto’s stand-alone site was postponed until the fall.


  • be user-friendly, easy to navigate, and appealing to two distinct audiences — donors interested in gifting a vehicle to the ministry, and buyers interested in making a purchase!
  • be easy for staff to update including adding new cars and inventory for the online audience.
  • reflect the refreshed branding of Miracle Hill Ministries including bolder colors, updated font styles, and human-focused writing.


We always preach strategy-first design, so we structured the new site around Miracle Hill Auto’s two desired actions: scheduling donations and promoting sales. We made sure to feature both sales and donations on the homepage — and we designed the site framework to encourage visitors to contact Miracle Hill Auto to start the donation or shopping process.

To make the customer experience easier we put in some custom work. We designed a car finder with filtering functionality so that users can find the perfect car for them. The car finder allows car shoppers to filter by body style, make/model, their personal budget range, and the car’s mileage. Users can also sort by newest arrivals.

Not only did we design the car finder with the customer in mind, but we also made it easy for staff to update Miracle Hill Auto’s inventory. Since they have multiple cars coming in and off the lot every day, it was imperative that the car finder be convenient to maintain by anyone on their staff. With the WordPress CMS, it’s easy to add a car in just a few clicks, or even a few taps on a mobile device.

Finally, we updated the Miracle Hill Auto site to reflect the new branding palette. Where the old site relied heavily on dark greys and blues, we used the boldness of the brand’s blue, orange and green to create a more hopeful, vibrant feel. We also utilized Miracle Hill’s photo assets to emphasize donors, buyers, and the Miracle Hill Auto team.

The new site is beautifully designed and fully functional with a custom car filter, updated photos, and lively branding.  

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