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We helped Nandina’s website look as beautiful as its design projects.

From the moment we began working with the team at Engenius, the process could not have been more smooth. Their project management ability, delegation of tasks, both internal and external, and communication was outstanding...They were able to take both our creative and functional vision for the website and turn it into something more impactful than we could have imagined!

Rebecca Faulk


Nandina Home and Design is an interior design company with a boutique aesthetic and relationship-driven designers. The company was founded in Atlanta in 2006, but with an expansion to Greenville on the horizon, Nandina wanted to redesign its website as it prepared to enter a new market. The new site needed to match the tone, color palette, and overall look of its N Home Magazine publication, bringing the company’s beautiful design work into the digital space, while remaining user-friendly, optimized for conversions, and easy to update by the Nandina team.


  • Visually match Nandina’s real-world design aesthetic by reflecting the tone, color palette, and overall “feel” of N Home Magazine
  • Be organized so that users can easily find the information they’re seeking
  • Create a clear path for users from site entrance to contacting the Nandina team
  • Be easily updated by the Nandina team going forward


With such a heavy emphasis on design aesthetic, our team went to work creating a website featuring beautiful photography of the warm, functional, inviting spaces that Nandina designers create. The website’s color palette and fonts were carefully selected to complement N Home Magazine. Even details like the borders around buttons on the site reflect the company’s brand image.

Our content-first approach guided the website’s organization. In addition to featuring Nandina’s past work and employees, we created a page for each of the company’s three locations that included information on local showrooms and the designers based in each office. Testimonials from past local clients were also prominently featured. We drew attention to Nandina’s relationship-focused approach, giving potential clients insight into the experience of working with Nandina.

The site visitor is greeted with photography featuring Nandina’s portfolio that invites them to further explore the site. Once a visitor begins to navigate through the site an unintrusive button appears in the corner of the screen inviting them to sign up for the newsletter.

After the website was launched, Engenius hosted a training session for the Nandina team and provided a recording of the training along with a PDF manual with further instructions. Their WordPress website is easy to update with new photos and content, and the Nandina team is able to make changes quickly and easily. Support tickets can also be easily submitted for assistance on any needs, while Engenius provides regular maintenance on the back end of the site

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