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Plus, Professional New Year’s Resolutions to Start 2016 Right

Creating quality content on our blog was one of our 2015 resolutions, so it’s been fantastic to review how far we’ve come this year. Note: If you haven’t reflected on your own progress and given yourself a pat on the back, do so before reading this post. It can be easy to think about how many resolutions you’ve given up on without recognizing your successes!

Each member of our team contributes to our blog!

Each member of our team contributes their personal experience and expertise to our blog!

Here’s a countdown of our 8 most useful blog posts, ranked using a combination of analytics (web traffic and page popularity) and social media engagement (likes and shares). Because we love measurable goals, each post has a number-driven New Year’s resolution—that you can customize—as a practical way to implement the best advice we gave in 2015. Without further ado:

8. Where Does Your Community Support Begin?

Written by our community service-champion and CEO Chris Manley, this brief post provides business leaders ideas for better community involvement.
Resolution: I will find one additional way to show community support—and/or provide roads to community service to my professional teammates and employees. Get Ideas

7. Does My Small Business Need a Website?

This insightful post addresses companies who rely largely on word of mouth for sales and growth. While word of mouth recommendations are powerful, most potential customers still check you out on the web before engaging with your company!
Resolution: I will take charge of my online identity. (Or, I will let someone else manage my online presence!)

6. 10 Reasons Why You Should Blog

Written exclusively for our clients, this post series created a splash with practical reasons to add a blog with fresh content onto your web presence.
Resolution: I, or a trusted employee/marketing teammate, will blog at least two posts per month to engage my audience. Where to Start

CEO Chris Manley speaking during the ReFrame Conference

CEO Chris Manley presenting at the ReFrame Conference last fall

5. Engenius Core Values: People

Written by our Support Specialist, Susan Lesser, this post is part of a series on our core values. “People first” means putting people over profit, which looks like caring for and respecting our coworkers and colleagues—and putting their needs first. Good outcomes for our clients should always come first; the rest will follow.
Resolution: In 2016, I will find one way to go above and beyond for a client and a colleague each week.

4. Engenius Core Values: Passion

We all hope to find a job that ignites our passion. Engenius values both finding roles we are passionate about and putting our passions into play in our professional lives wherever we’re at. Accordingly, Executive Assistant Anna Beam wrote about how to foster a genuinely passionate spirit at work.
Resolution: This year, I will be confident in my abilities and passionate about the difference I make in my company.**

3. Engenius Core Values: Integrity

Without integrity, the whole company-client relationship crumbles. That’s why integrity is one of our core values, and in June, Brooks Manley wrote on how to build and maintain trust at work.
Resolution: I will honestly evaluate my ability to follow through and own my mistakes.**
**Core values resolutions are harder to put a number on, so we encourage you to think about ways you can specifically demonstrate your values in 2016, and create goals accordingly!

2. Why It’s a Game Changer

Posted on April 15, this post by writer Catherine Ryan discusses significant changes to Google’s search algorithms, also known as “Mobilegeddon”, and how our readers could test their websites to measure mobile-friendliness.
Mobile optimized websites and other content, like email, is going to be even more important in 2016—so much so that many designers are starting in mobile to be sure that size and user experience are optimized on smaller devices.
Resolution: I resolve to test my website and email content to be sure it’s mobile responsive and mobile optimized.* Test Here
*Already mobile-friendly? Resolve to stay on top of Google search trends and to respond quickly to changes that could affect the health of your business!

1. How to Make a Growing City Feel Like Home

Director of Ops, Cate Buckingham wrote a fantastic personal post about how she made Greenville smaller and fostered a closer community in her life through service. Her story inspired the most people, putting her post at the top (er, bottom) of our list!
Resolution: In 2016, I will serve the community (list a specific way)and be intentional about getting to know new people in the process.

Have other ideas? Share your professional New Year’s resolutions in the comments. And remember: the right time to make a fresh start is today.

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