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More Quality Leads

When someone performs a search on Google (something that happens around 5.6 billion times per day), Google looks at a number of factors to determine where websites like yours rank in the results.

SEO (search engine optimization) is the work of optimizing the pages on your website to increase rankings.

The higher your rankings, the more clicks you earn. And the more clicks you earn, the more business you’re likely to gain.

Outrank Your Local Competition →

Search engines provide valuable marketing real estate. But it’s limited. For local searches, you may see a few ads, a local map pack (with three businesses within your proximity), and ten local businesses.

If you aren’t listed in that map pack or within the first 3 businesses beneath it, you’re losing valuable business opportunities to your competition.

Engenius’ Local SEO plans can change that.

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We Get Real SEO Results

We’ve been in this business for more than 12 years serving local clients.
Check out some recent SEO results we’ve achieved for them:

…But We’re Fun to Work with, Too

While focused on results, we aim to be a pleasure to do business with. We’re upfront, transparent, and authentic. We try to be the kind of people we’d want to do business with ourselves. Take it from a few of our clients:

Their customer service for our ongoing SEO needs are on point, not surprising since they are, simply, a great group of humans.

Kate LacherCraig Gaulden Davis Architects

They are an incredible partner with a talented and engaging team that understand the power of community, humor, and honesty in what they create and practice. Such a joy to work with and the results have been tremendous. So good we have to impart the cliche phrase...we couldn't imagine our lives without them. But, we simply couldn't.

Jason JohnsonWarehouse Theatre

SEO Plans & Pricing

Our plans are tailored to the industries we know best. Not a local business or law firm? No problem. Let us know.

All Plans Include:

SEO Local

Everything in SEO Maintenance

Citation Building + Listing Management

Monthly Google My Business Posts

Link Building
(1-3 links guaranteed/mo)

Quarterly Blog Posts
(800+ words on relevant topics)

$1399 upfront


SEO Local+

Everything in SEO Maintenance

Citation Building + Listing Management

Weekly Google My Business Posts

Link Building
(1-3 links guaranteed/mo)

Monthly Blog Posts
(800+ words on relevant topics)

$1399 upfront


SEO Blitz

All completed in one month:

Technical Auditing

Keyword Rank Tracking

Live Reporting Dashboard

Local Competitor Analysis

One-Time Listing Audit + Submission

4 Google My Business Posts

Link Building
(3 relevant links guaranteed)


One Time

Optional Add-Ons

Additional Blog Posts

+$450 each

Call Tracking


Retargeting Ads

+$350/month + ad spend

Additional Locations

Let’s discuss.

Start the Conversation

Not sure what plan is best for you? Let us know you’re interested and we can talk you through it. Not a local business or law firm? Contact us about a customized plan that better fits your SEO needs.


Is SEO for everyone?

While we believe almost any business will benefit from SEO services, the opportunity on search engines varies from industry to industry. If few people search for your product or service regularly, then a heavy investment in SEO wouldn’t make much sense. On the other hand, if you work in a highly competitive industry with high demand, you should consider a significant investment.

How long will it take to see results?

This depends largely on the state of your current website and the competitiveness of your industry. If you’ve done SEO work before or your competitors haven’t, you may see great progress in as little as 1-2 months. If you’re starting from scratch in a competitive industry, it may take as long as 6 months to see significant progress.

Will I be locked into a contract?

Our contracts are a minimum of 6 months, and month-to-month after that. For most industries, it takes 6 months to begin to see true ROI. However, if we notice quickly that SEO isn’t going to benefit your business, we’ll be the first to reach out and recommend you ending the service and investing elsewhere. Don’t want to commit to 6 months? Check out our SEO Blitz option.

What happens when I end my service?

There is no off switch. You will continue to benefit from the majority of the work we’ve done. Your pages will remain optimized, your links will remain in place, and your local listings will remain in place. However, you can expect to begin sliding 3-6 months following if you’re not investing in new efforts (like with an SEO Maintenance plan, for example).

Is SEO alone enough to grow my business?

Again, this depends on your industry. Some businesses could invest solely in SEO and see incredible growth. Other businesses might require some investment in additional channels like advertising, email marketing, or PR to supplement SEO efforts.