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Digital marketing has evolved tremendously over the years. Businesses large and small alike have reaped countless benefits from effective online strategies, if digital marketing has the potential to transform the foundation of a business, why doesn’t every company allocate the necessary resources to experience these changes? 

Investing in a product or service without fully understanding the impact it can have on your company, positive or negative, is never a wise business decision. When it comes to digital marketing, ask yourself, “do the results of these services align with our company goals?” The only way to answer this question is to grasp the concept of what digital marketing can do for your business. 

In this blog, we’ll shine new light on a few essential benefits digital marketing can offer companies that will help reach short and long-term goals. 

Digital Marketing Can Help You Generate Quality Leads

If one of the major goals in your company is to increase sales, you understand the importance of generating quality leads. As digital marketing has become more and more prominent, business owners and marketing professionals have started to understand the concept of quality over quantity. In fact, over 70% of business owners believe qualified leads are more important than the total number of leads. 

But this begs the question, how do you generate these quality leads? Through digital marketing services such as:

You can target the audience that searches for your brand or service the most. Depending on your industry, once these quality leads make their way to your website, the odds of the user finding what they’re looking for substantially increase. 

An important thing to remember about effective digital marketing is it’s working to enhance your business 24/7. Even when you’re sleeping at night or hard at work during the day, the online strategy that was just implemented is working to bolster the digital presence and credibility of your company. 

Enhance Your Reputation

For some people, digital marketing and reputation management might not go hand in hand. But, what’s one of the first things a user does when they stumble across your Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business)? Most will check out your Google reviews to ensure the service or product you’re putting forth is up to their standard. By simply checking the reputation of your business via reviews, this can potentially save the user tons of time and money. 

Additionally, an important aspect of digital marketing that oftentimes gets overlooked is the User Experience (UX) and design of a website. Have you ever been on a website, then realize you can’t find anything you’re searching for, the design is painful to look at, and it almost looks dangerous to be on? Odds are you felt frustrated and walked away with a tarnished view of that organization. That’s a bad UX experience. If your website presents itself in a professional manner that adheres to modern design principles and flows in a way that’s easy to use and understand for the user, then your user (more likely than not) walks away with a good experience and the feeling that your organization is helpful. This enhances the reputation of your business and your brand. 

Persevere Through Difficult Times

In the not too distant past, countless businesses were facing unprecedented circumstances. The first instinct of a business owner might be to cut as many expenses as possible during this time. But if digital marketing is driving a large percentage of sales to your business, that’s the last thing you want to do. 

During COVID-19, the companies that persevered and adapted with their digital marketing strategy, came out stronger on the other side. Frankly put, digital marketing efforts — whether that’s investing in an e-commerce site or simply making sure Google continues to index your website —  kept organizations relevant in a time of social distancing. Companies that didn’t invest in online marketing were easier to forget in the new digital reality. 

If the decision is made to drop all digital marketing services for an extended period of time, the online results could be extremely detrimental to any future efforts when trying to re-establish your credibility with Google. The difficult times don’t last forever and digital marketing is often critical in helping your organization persevere through difficult times and also prepare for the future. 

Build Lasting Partnerships

The field of Digital Marketing is vast and there are a massive amount of channels from Google Ads to SEO to Social Media to consider. With so much out there, Digital Marketing efforts often make it preferable to work with an agency or freelancer that can sweat the details so you don’t have to. Working with an outside group can help you get the expertise you need without the frustration of figuring it out yourself.  

For a digital marketing agency like ours, one of the most rewarding aspects of digital marketing is developing relationships with the clients we work with. When you find a digital marketing agency that takes pride in their work and cares about the success of your business as much as you do, that’s where the magic happens. In that relationship you have an advocate that cares about your growth and success online and is willing to help you persevere in the hard times, enhance your reputation online, and generate the leads you need.

How Can Engenius Help Your Business?

Whether it’s an internal meeting, client-facing meeting, strategic development, or producing content, it’s essential to find a marketing team that gives your business its undivided attention. The day you find a team like this, is the day you have the opportunity to cultivate a lasting partnership with a digital marketing agency. 

At Engenius Web Design + Digital Marketing, we’d love to provide you with that lasting partnership that helps fuel the success of your company. 

Our digital marketing services are tailored to help your business thrive online. If you’re ready to take the next step, schedule a call today and discover what digital marketing can do for your business. 

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