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Ellison Manley

Web Design

3 Clear Signs That You Need a Website Redesign

There are some tried-and-true signs that you may need a website redesign. Perhaps your site isn’t mobile-optimized or doesn’t reflect the latest design trends...or maybe it displays outdated information or relies too heavily on technical jargon. While these things may…
Ellison Manley
July 3, 2023
Web Design

What Makes Website Images Compelling?

What makes one website stand out from another? If you think about sites you’ve seen and really loved, can you name what it was that made them memorable? People often look at their company’s website and think, “all the right…
Ellison Manley
March 13, 2023
Marketing & Sales

What Is a Consultative Sales Approach?

Struggling to meet your sales goals? Quit selling so hard and adopt a consultative selling approach. The term “sales representative” often carries a negative connotation. The term is reminiscent of traditional (read: outdated) sales tactics: an operator moving swiftly down…
Ellison Manley
December 18, 2018

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