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Marketing & Sales

Aligning Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing teams are both crucial parts of the same lead-to-client process. The different perspectives between the two teams, however, often result in miscommunication, frustration, and ultimately loss of revenue. At times, it can appear like both sales and…
Engenius Team
July 14, 2021
Web Design

Why You Need Content Driven Web Design

As a business owner, when you’re looking to update your website—or have one made for the first time—the first thing you’ll probably think about is how you want it to look. You’ll want to add additional graphics, update team photos,…
Engenius Team
April 15, 2021

Who Are You Talking To?

What does your company do? That’s the dreaded question that inevitably happens in the proverbial elevator when you have precisely thirty seconds to respond with a clean, crisp, mildly rehearsed elevator pitch. But is it any good? Does it simply…
Engenius Team
March 25, 2021
Digital Marketing

2021 Digital Marketing Trends

The digital marketing landscape has changed a lot over the past year. A lot has changed in the world, so it should be no surprise that the marketing landscape has been shaken up as well. But don’t worry, we’re going…
Engenius Team
January 12, 2021
digital marketing trends
Digital Marketing

2020 Digital Marketing Trends

>>> Check out our digital marketing predictions for 2021. Another year in the books. Much of 2019 went as predicted in digital marketing trends posts, but it also threw us some surprises. Some key tech monopolies took the defense in…
Engenius Team
December 27, 2019
Web Design

WordPress Themes: The Case for Premium Themes

If you’re considering investing in a new website, you’ve probably begun envisioning what your new site will look like and how it’ll function. The finished product should look good and represent your business well; and since you’re investing time and…
Engenius Team
March 4, 2019

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