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Law firm websites are certainly unique. So much so, in fact, that there are dozens of online web design firms that claim to specialize in lawyer websites. While these companies might have experience with law firm website design, there’s something to be said about an agency that actually knows your firm and the community in which you work.
We have experience building websites for several well-known attorneys in South Carolina, and our experience spans far beyond broad legal industry knowledge. We have invested significant time into properly portraying our legal clients online while adhering to the South Carolina Bar’s ethical regulations. In addition, no two of our law firm websites are the same. We’re committed to tailoring your website to meet your firm’s specific needs—that means you don’t have to worry about a cookie-cutter design.
As an example of our law firm website experience, we want to highlight the work we did for Holder, Padgett, Littlejohn, & Prickett (HPLP).

Situation Appraisal

HPLP specializes in workers’ compensation defense, construction law, and business law. The firm is highly relationship-based, efficient, and trustworthy, and they needed their website to demonstrate those qualities to potential clients. HPLP came to us in fall 2016 with concerns that their existing site was very text-heavy and lacked compelling visual elements. They were focused on scaling down some of the content on their site without watering down their message and making it more engaging and easy-to-navigate.

We talked through HPLP’s concerns and goals to help shape our objectives for the project.

Objective 1: To instill confidence in potential clients via a professional website that’s easy to use on every device.

Solution 1: Although HPLP’s site was accessible on mobile devices prior to the redesign, it certainly wasn’t user-friendly. Studies have indicated that today’s savvy users have little patience for mobile sites that load slowly or make it difficult for them to find the information they’re seeking. With this in mind, we made sure that HPLP’s redesigned site was easily navigable on all devices. We ensured that users could quickly find the information they needed and to foster a sense of trust and affinity for HPLP’s brand.
In addition to ensuring the site was mobile optimized, we modernized it from a design standpoint. Eye-catching images and the use of the firm’s brand colors made the site much more visually appealing than the original, which was stark, containing mostly gray and white elements.

Objective 2: Demonstrate HPLP’s expertise and validate the firm as a whole.

Solution 2: We paid particular attention to structuring HPLP’s site in a way that drew attention to the firm’s experience and capabilities. At first glance, users see information about HPLP’s focus: to provide timely and effective resolutions while remaining dedicated to excellent client service. Users are prompted to either learn more about the firm’s mission or to explore the site further, including dedicated landing pages for each of their practice areas.
On these landing pages, we honed in on the target audience’s challenges and explained how HPLP can help them overcome those challenges. For each practice area we highlighted specific types of cases that the firm typically takes on, as well as the types of businesses that they work well with. Providing this level of detail allowed us to effectively represent HPLP as a trusted and experienced firm without compromising any confidential information from past cases.

“The team at Engenius exceeded our expectations in both the initial transformation of our website along with the back end support we have needed. Engenius was able to take our general ideas and craft a great website for our firm which manages to capture the firm culture and approach we take in providing legal services.” -Lee Prickett

While we could’ve used a cookie-cutter website template to produce a minimum viable product, our relationship with the client and comprehensive understanding of their field helped us deliver exceptional results. Overall, the finished product is a much more modern and accessible website that better appeals to HPLP’s target audiences and helps the firm stand out among its competitors.

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